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Team: The Beavers
Country: Canada
Competition: 1973 Oakville Soccer Club House League
Position: Unknown

This is a picture of the first team I ever played for – the Beavers of the Oakville Soccer Club’s House League of 1973.

I am standing in the second row, third in from the right. I am the one with the bowl-cut hair. My brother Paul is on one knee directly in front of me, sporting a cowlick.

In the third row, the coach to the left is Phil Iafrate. The Beavers were apparently the first team he coached.

How lucky were we! Phil went on to become possibly the best coach Oakville Soccer Club has ever known, if not one of the best community coaches of all time.

Now the Beavers weren’t champions as far as I can remember but this first team of mine was the beginning of a life-long fascination with teams.

I look forward to exploring with you how the best teams get built and why all teams mean so much to us.

See the team picture.


John V.