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The Arsenal 1935

The Arsenal FC 1935 – cigarette card

Card back reads: Sporting Events and Stars. Series of 96. No. 58. The “Arsenal” Players The “Big Guns” of Highbury who have boomed for three successive years as the “Champion” team of the 1st Division, in face of strenuous efforts by all other clubs to gain distinction by lowering their colours, and also many calls…

Huddersfield Town 1926

Huddersfield Town 1926 – cigarette card

This cigarette card captures the 1926 Huddersfield team which won their third consecutive Football League title and became known as “Thrice Champions”. This is a Lambert & Butler “Who’s Who In Sport (1926)” production, and the back of the card reads: “Huddersfield Town, who in 1925-6 season accomplished a record by winning the English League…


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